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HYUNDAI, a nice choice with tablet pc

HYUNDAI H700 uses Android 2.3 system, it has strong hardware configuration with high performance RK 2918 processor, GC 800 graphics processor,the 512 MB cache, DDR3 HDMI and accessor to 3D games. All of these help people to enjoy the games , video, ebooks fast and smooth.

At the beginning of August, Gatner said that Andriod occupies 43.4% of the global smart phone market, Symbian 22.1% and iOS only 18.2%.Android grows rapidly like a bigbang in American smart phone market.

Android tablet won about 30 percent of market share., and increased to 4.6 million units this year, compared with thousands of units in the second quarter of last year. Strategy Analytics said,  to promote the industry's next, Android tablet products has rapidly spread to many countries