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NVIDIA Tegra 3 Chip Surfaces in Beijing

The ZTE T98 marks the first tablet to feature the 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, though this model was packing a slightly underclocked chip coming in at 1.3 GHz. NVIDIA originally expected the quad-core chipset to be out in tablets by August and in smartphones by the end of the year. Now the chip-maker expects the high-speed processor to hit tablets in the next month or so.

 NVIDIA unveiled Kal-El back in February at the Mobile World Congress show. In the original announcement the company said the chip had four CPU cores and 12 graphics engines, compared with the current Tegra 2 which has two CPU cores and eight graphics engines. The company recently specified the CPU core as an ARM Cortex-A9.

The latest chip will provide up to five time the performance of Tegra 2, claims NVIDIA, in addition to twice the performance of the CPU and three times the performance of the graphics. The chip is rumored to appear in ASUS’ upcoming Eee Pad Transformer 2, which is said to hit the market sometime next month.