Eee Pad Transformer Prime Tablet

The Eee Pad Transformer Prime is coming. We bring you the next transformation in tablet technology, one that is better than its predecessor in every aspect. Our latest offering is faster, stronger, slimmer, and of course, sexier. We strived to break free from the normal constraints of a device through constant innovation, and the result is the Eee Pad Transformer Prime.
The new Eee Pad Transformer, a next-generation Android-powered 10-inch tablet called the Transformer Prime that features a Nvidia quad-core processor, and is just 0.32 inches thick. It's unclear whether the Prime will have Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich at launch.
Just like the original Eee Pad Transformer, Prime will include the option of purchasing a keyboard dock to emulate a clamshell laptop form factor. Asus CEO Jonney Shih revealed the new device during the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong, and the company plans to officially launch the tablet Nov. 9. Asus did not say if the Prime's official unveiling in three weeks will include information about pricing and availability.
The 10-inch Asus Transformer Prime will be an impressive device and may be one of the earliest tablets out of the gate rocking Nvidia's anticipated Kal-el quad-core chip for mobile devices. Prime also includes a mini-HDMI port, SD card slot, and Asus claims the device has a 16.5 hour battery life when connected to the keyboard docking station. Asus did not reveal a number of specs, including screen resolution, a complete list of ports, storage, memory, processor speed and connectivity options. The Transformer Prime has an aluminum finish similar to its new Zen Ultrabooks.
We fully expect Asus to make an announcement in regards to its already official Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime on November 9th. We’re still unsure of the device’s exact release date, maybe it’s the 9th
It won’t, however, launch with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Instead, it will arrive with Android Honeycomb and will be upgraded to Android 4.0 at some point in the future.
The Eee Pad Transformer Prime is the world's first tablet to feature Project Kal-El, NVIDIA's next-generation quad-core Tegra® mobile chip, giving birth to a new breed of high powered tablet devices. Armed with this technology, the Transformer Prime is blazing fast. In fact, we are setting a new industry standard for how fast a tablet should be. Multitasking and HD movies? Piece of cake.  With the all new Eee Pad Transformer Prime, we are setting a benchmark for what tablets should be. Stay tuned!
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