WannaCry Ransomware Attack: Virus with a Ransome Note
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WannaCry Ransomware Attack: Virus with a Ransome Note

Nowadays there is a cyber attack happening all around the globe.  It is a Ransomware virus attack in which a malware enters in a computer and encrypt all the data on the PC and leaves a ransom note in which they say ” Pay 400$ through bitcoin in 3 days to unlock your data and after 3 days it will be 900$ to decrypt it.” It is a Ransome note that’s why we call this malware ransomware. It is also known as WannaCry, Wannacrypt, annaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r, Wana Decrypt0r 2.0, WCRY, WNCRY etc.

It all started 12 may 2017 and still going. The main target of this ransomware is Microsoft windows operating system. Although it is also known that it can only attack previous versions of windows and currently don’t work on Latest windows 10 operating system. WannaCry has infected 250,000 computers from 150 countries and still counting. There is No Ransomware Decrypter available in the market for now.

According to the Wikipedia, This was all started when Dark Shadows, A group of hackers hacked into Equation Group and stole Eternal blue, which is one of the factors of WannaCry ransomware.  With EternalBlue and DoublePulsor (which is backdoor entrance tool for viruses and malware) is a part of this virus and that is the reason this ransomware is so much more powerful than its predecessors.

WannaCry ransomware has attacked all major countries and cities all around the world. The most affected countries by WannaCry Ransomware are Russia, Ukraine, India, and Taiwan. The Ransomware affected most of the National Health Hospital services in England and Scotland, Up to 70,000 computers were affected in NHHS. See the Map Below .

WannaCry Ransomware affected countries

The initial release of the worm started 12 may 2017 and started spreading until a researcher known by the name of Malwarebytes found a loophole in WannaCry virus and slowed down the speed of the ransomware. But there are rumors that a newer version of the WannaCry is coming and this time there will be no Loophole but still nothing is impossible.

There are most antivirus and malware defender companies are working on a Decrypter for the ransomware but still, there is no chance that they will it early.
So the Question is?

How to stop WannaCry Ransomware?

There is no way you can decrypt the files which are been encrypted by the wannaCry virus but still, you can save yourself from this trouble by doing some of the steps given below or Get a Great antivirus solution at DomainCouponsPro.

  1. You can update your windows to the latest version of Microsoft Windows 10. because this ransomware does not work on windows 10.
  2. You can install CyberReason Ransomfree Software to protect your computer from any ransomware attacks.
  3. Disconnect your Internet Connection.:p (just kidding.)

By doing above steps you can defend yourself from ransomware attacks in the future. We hope for your best future.

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